Welcome to the García Esteban Foundation

The García Esteban Foundation is a non-profit organization, which is established on June 19, 2012, with the intention of contributing to the development and promotion of music in all its facets. It is registered in the Register of Foundations of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain, with the number 1501. Since 2015 it has been part of the Spanish Association of Foundations (AEF), contributing to good management of foundations and transparency institutional.

The Foundation has a bibliographic and audiovisual background related to music, with a total of 2801 copies of books and scores, and more than 700 audio and video records, all donated by the founding patrons Francisco Antonio García and Carmen Esteban. The collection grows year after year with the incorporation of diverse materials collected, some of them exemplary discontinued bought by the Foundation, as well as diverse incorporations from private donations and gifts of musicians of great trajectory.

The García Esteban Foundation is covered by Law 49/2002 of 23 December and is therefore considered the beneficiary of the patronage.

Our goals
  • Promote music, study and teaching in all its facets.
  • The conservation, dissemination and study of the work of the founders.
  • To promote and stimulate in general the artistic-musical activity.
  • The promotion of young values of music.
  • The contribution by music to the development of European identity.
  • Collaborate with all types of public and private institutions in the development of the purposes described.
Our mission
  • The promotion of the artistic-musical activity through the realization of concerts, festivals, competitions, musical representations and interaction with other performing arts.
  • Promote the teaching of music, promote, finance and manage centers, both new and existing, that contribute to achieve the foundational purpose.
  • The organization of courses, conferences, seminars and all kinds of similar manifestations. The promotion of young values of music.
  • The promotion, edition and financing of graphic and audiovisual publications, manuals, etc. Promote the stimulation of musical research.

About us

Carmen Esteban (co-founder)

With great concern for the diffusion of music, his career as a pianist, has been linked to Chamber Music. Since 1996 he has formed a stable duo with clarinetist Francisco Antonio García, with whom he founded the García Esteban Foundation, with the aim of giving back to society all the good that music has contributed to his life.

Francisco Antonio García (co-founder)

After a long national and international trajectory as a clarinettist, he has investigated other less classic musical facets, interacting with other performing arts such as theater, dance or painting. Together with the pianist Carmen Esteban has developed an intense work in the Chamber Music, and in 2012, they have created the García Esteban Foundation, to promote the musical diffusion and the young talents of the music.

« Creating a better world through music is possible »

Carmen Esteban (co-founder)

Our History

Our life has always been linked to music, since children we knew that this would accompany us along the way. There are many sacrifices that musicians have to make in order to realize our professional career, but there are also many satisfactions that we get in return.

Friends, culture, love of art, expression, sensitivity and many experiences that have made our life something magical and wonderful. Music has united us for many years and continues to do so, and it is for this reason that we can only be grateful to what you have given us in return.

This is why, in 2012, the clarinetist Francisco Antonio Garcia and the pianist Carmen Esteban, imagine a dream that allows the diffusion of music through education, interpretation, creation, and research. .. of interaction with other arts. And they put into operation a project that becomes this Foundation.

From their modest creation, they have spread the music through unique spaces, they have realized diverse productions with other scenic arts, they have helped young people to relate in a different way with the music, they have given scholarships and promoted to young talents, they have opened their library to Young researchers.

We imagine a place where the coexistence with music, with art, with culture is the very essence of life. Something to be able to offer to the society of the nearest way, more cared, more accompanied. Without understanding why … simply to enjoy it.

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